I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your CD’s on Constructive Rest.  The timbre and resonance of your voices, the excellent clarity of your word choices, the moments of stillness and pausing, are all beautifully rendered.  I know that I will listen to these CD’s many times and be changed by them.

Meade Andrews – Master Teacher of The Alexander Technique

The day that I laid down and felt the tightness in my neck (that I did not even realize was there!) was a major breakthrough for me. The simple act of lying on my back and being aware of my neck completely alleviated the tension and I felt so much better throughout the entire day. This experience made me promise myself that I would continue to use Constructive Rest for my entire life.

Liz A. – Denison University Grad 2013

One of the first exercises I did was Constructive Rest, which involved laying on a flat surface with my knees bent, hands gently resting on my stomach, and without speaking for twenty minutes. I was completely shocked that this brought about such a feeling of relaxation, calmness, and relieved nearly all of the tension in my entire body.

Allie Z. – Denison University Grad 2013

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