Sleep Constellations

Be humble for you are made of Earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars. ~Serbian Proverb

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Transform Tossing and Turning Into Sound Sleep, Tonight!




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True rest is not the absence of movement, but the absence of struggle.

Sleep Constellations offers a practical, effective strategy for inviting easy body movements, calm rest, and restorative sleep, naturally!

Sometimes we go to bed and don’t fall asleep as fast or as easily as we’d like. Or we wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. With this audio guide you will learn how to ease mental stress and release physical tension, calming your mind and body into a state of leisure. Tuning in to leisure being invites deep rest and healthy sleep.

How Does Sleep Constellations Work?

  • By cultivating a wholesome embodied awareness.
  • By inviting muscular freedom throughout your body, beginning with the muscles of your neck.
  • By restoring coordination to your breathing by allowing easy, complete exhalations.
  • By playing with an infinite variety of sleep positions perceived by your joint sense: kinesthesia.
  • By enjoying the process of resting while letting go of caring whether you sleep or not.
  • Sleep Constellations is deeply influenced by principles of The Alexander Technique and Body Mapping.


There are two sleep tracks, one 17 minutes long, the other 34 minutes long. Each track gradually fades in volume by 50% from start to finish. The fade scheme are designed to imperceptibly keep pace with the gradual relaxation you will experience as you drift into sleep.

How many Sleep Constellations can you create, and enjoy, in your “night sky?!”

Why wait?! Download or order the CD now and experience Sleep Constellations tonight!



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