Photo of David and Fran, the voices of SmartPoise.

The Voices of SmartPoise!

David Nesmith considers becoming at ease with himself to be his greatest accomplishment.  Whether he is teaching, creating, exploring or at rest, David is engaged in the moment.  He is an enthusiastic musician, hiker, and salsa dancer, and truly appreciates getting to know people.  His passion for sharing The Alexander Technique and Body Mapping takes him all over the world, teaching and participating in workshops.

A Londoner born and bred, Fran Murphy enjoys the metropolitan lifestyle of the big city. The hustle and bustle, however, doesn’t keep her from finding moments to do Constructive Rest. She is dedicated to helping young people improve their spiritual lives. A regular voice on Pray As You Go podcasts, she also finds it rewarding being an editor for the Online Journal of the British Jesuits, Thinking Faith.

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